Hi! We’re the union for MASS MoCA staff. This is our mission:

At this pivotal moment of changeover in MASS MoCA’s highest level of leadership, it is crucial to set the tone in caring for our workforce. MASS MoCA’s mission is to bring bold and new work to life while stimulating creativity and commerce in North Adams, Massachusetts. As staff members of MASS MoCA, we are dedicated to sustaining this legacy while advocating for the creation of an equitable, ethical, and inclusive work environment. The museum has experienced incredible growth in many ways since its original conception and, as a unionized workforce, we can help guide the museum as it moves into a new era of supporting artists, audiences, and employees. Through unionization, we can preserve what we love about the museum while envisioning new opportunities for an equitable and inclusive workplace — in terms of artistic work, compensation, benefits, safety, job security and more.

UPDATE 03.20.24

MASS MoCA staff, who have been on strike since March 6, voted 101-6 to reject a new offer from the Museum which would have added bonus amounts to the Museum’s previous, pre-strike offer.

We went on strike to raise our pay rates. We want MASS MoCA to invest more in us as staff, not throw money away on bonuses that will disappear and not change our future rates.

We’re ready to bargain, but MASS MoCA needs to make a fair offer to us. We all love the Museum and want it to thrive but one element of that has to be an investment in us as staff.

UPDATE 03.02.24

After approximately five months at the bargaining table, the MASS MoCA Union bargaining committee has called for an indefinite strike, beginning on Wednesday, March 6, 2024. Members of the unit have voted in 97% favor for the strike.

Management’s current offer of 3.5% does not keep up with inflation and the rising cost of living, leaving our members unable to cover the expenses of living in Berkshire County. By raising pay to something more livable, MASS MoCA would not only be supporting its employees, but helping lift the community of North Adams and surrounding areas.

We unionized because our members love MASS MoCA and we believe in the ability for the Museum to be an equitable place where workers can survive. We are striking for the same reason – we believe the museum can do better and we want our members to feel secure in their ability to work and live.

 UPDATE 12.15.23

On Friday, December 15th, the MASS MoCA Union held a one hour walkout ahead of the next bargaining meeting over fair and equitable wages. The MMU is currently bargaining for wage increases on the contract, which was agreed upon and passed in November 2022. Wage reopener negotiations began on October 1st, 2023, and have been with little movement since.

At the outset of negotiations, MASS MoCA emailed our Local 2110 representative a proposal for a 2% wage increase, deadlining us to accept the lowball offer by December 15, as well as offering a select group of people, less than 16% of our bargaining unit, “equity” increases above 2%. They have since moved to a new proposal, which includes a 2.5% wage increase, the removal of the deadline, and have kept the equity increases for that select group. The union’s offer seeks to remedy some of those issues, including the creation and implementation of a salary grade system, holiday pay, and an increase in the minimum rate. We are hopeful the Museum will be able to meet us across the table and that there could be a conclusive result that benefits all.

UPDATE 10.01.23

The MASS MoCA Union has entered into our first re-opener bargaining session with MASS MoCA Management. While the contract is back open, we have the right to bargain over increases and the right to strike. Prior to the first negotiation session, MASS MoCA Management sent a lowball offer for a 2% wage increase. This increase does not establish an equitable rate of pay and does not match inflation in the area. 

UPDATE – 12.17.22

After 14 months of bargaining, the MASS MoCA Union overwhelmingly ratified our first contract – a strong three year contract with a focus on enhanced benefits – such as wage increases for the majority of membership in the first year and a mutual aid fund. We additionally agreed to reopener bargaining on wages and salaries every October. We are proud of having secured a strong agreement that we can build on, and are so grateful to our members (present and past), our bargaining committee, Local 2110, the community of North Adams and our fellow comrades who joined our strike or supported us from afar. Solidarity forever! 

UPDATE – 08.05.22

Our bargaining committee has been at the negotiating table for nearly 11 months, and while many strides have been made, the Museum’s wage offer remains insultingly low without any guaranteed increases for the 2nd and 3rd years of the contract, demanding that we return to the table each year to bargain, and they will not agree on fair language over fundamental workplace rights. We unionized because we are committed to our profession and believe in a more equitable Museum. As staff, our labor is vital to MASS MoCA and should be valued as such.

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Meghan Labbee
Mike Boucher
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