Hi! We’re the union for MASS MoCA staff. This is our mission:

At this pivotal moment of changeover in MASS MoCA’s highest level of leadership, it is crucial to set the tone in caring for our workforce. MASS MoCA’s mission is to bring bold and new work to life while stimulating creativity and commerce in North Adams, Massachusetts. As staff members of MASS MoCA, we are dedicated to sustaining this legacy while advocating for the creation of an equitable, ethical, and inclusive work environment. The museum has experienced incredible growth in many ways since its original conception and, as a unionized workforce, we can help guide the museum as it moves into a new era of supporting artists, audiences, and employees. Through unionization, we can preserve what we love about the museum while envisioning new opportunities for an equitable and inclusive workplace — in terms of artistic work, compensation, benefits, safety, job security and more.

union negotiating committee 

William Tavish Costello
Maro Elliott
Christopher Handschuh
Meghan Labbee
Isabel Twanmo